Ellie Frymire works at the intersection of coding, analytics, and design – creating visualizations to give viewers a deeper understanding of complex ideas.

As a graduate of Data Visualization at Parsons School of Design, Ellie is building upon her lifelong passion for numbers, patterns, and art. 

She graduated from Villanova University in 2013 with a degree in mathematics and a minor in business, then went on to spend 4 years with Deloitte Consulting, working in the technology and analytics practice. 

At Parsons, she learned valuable design concepts for static and graphic visualizations. She is well versed in HTML, CSS, R, Python, and JavaScript (including libraries D3.js and p5). 

She currently works as a developer at Two-N, an award winning data visualization agency in New York.

She can be reached at elliefrymire@gmail.com.